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Key Features

Our prime goal is to make managing your wealth easy, effective and affordable. We do this by offering one of Australia’s best SMSF platforms and delivering it with a genuine commitment to personal service by our Australian based support team.

SMSF Set Up or Transfer

New SMSF Establishment

We establish the SMSF and provide you with all documentation in a welcome pack with simple and easy to understand instructions.

We will register your SMSF with the ATO and provide you with your welcome pack within 2 -3 days after receipt of our engagement form.

We handle everything from:

  • Instructing our lawyers to prepare the SMSF Trust Deed
  • Registering the fund with the ATO and obtaining the ABN and TFN
  • Registering the Corporate Trustee with ASIC
  • Minutes and all documentation relating to fund establishment and admission of members and trustees
  • Investment strategy information and sample template
  • Nomination of beneficiary instructions and forms

To start and SMSF, please complete our SMSF Application Form.

Existing Fund Transfer

We understand that transferring your SMSF to a new provider can be a daunting experience.

With our dedicated transitions team, we ensure the process of the existing SMSF transfer is as efficient and pain free as possible. The Transitions Team, along with your dedicated Client Manager, ensure that you are kept up to date every step of the way. We contact your existing SMSF accountant to obtain all information needed to bring your fund up to date on our system.

Simply complete our Existing SMSF Application Form. Once we have received your application form, you and your adviser will receive a call as an introduction to our team. Next, the welcome pack is created, and previous accountant is contacted.

Once the welcome pack has been signed and returned to us, we will process the transition documents and update our software with your fund details and provide you with access to our online reporting system.

SMSF Investments

  • You and your adviser will have secure access to the Wealthtrac SMSF website to manage your Fund online.
  • Wealthtrac provides links with your bank, stockbroker and managed fund platform to enable seamless transaction and performance reporting via our SMSF website.

SMSF Administration

  • You will also have access to our online reporting system via our accounting software, Class.
  • Wealthtrac’s regular reporting enables you to keep up to date and monitor the progress of your super fund, without the burden of maintaining the bookkeeping yourself.
  • With up to date information, you will be in a better position to make important decisions in relation to your SMSF.

Investment Strategy

  • Our online investment strategy tool allows you to compare your actual investments against your strategy and adjust where necessary.
  • Should you wish to complete a new investment strategy template, please contact your SMSF Client Manager to obtain one.

Tax and Compliance

  • The SMSF landscape is constantly changing, and we make it our duty to ensure our clients and their advisers are kept up to date.
  • We ensure that compliance obligations are met and appropriately documented.

Dedicated Client Managers

  • With client service being a core focus, we ensure you have the support you need, when you need it. One of our first steps is to introduce you to your Client Manager who can provide the support, knowledge and expertise needed.
  • Having one point of contact means they are familiar with your fund and understand your needs. You won’t need to re-explain the same thing to a different person each time you phone which helps save you time.

High Quality Service

  • We have strict controls, policies, and procedures in place to ensure we provide a high-quality service to our clients.
  • Our high level of service, and standards around our offering, are fundamentally ingrained across all levels of our business.

When a member meets a condition of release, they become eligible to commence a pension using some or all their superannuation balance. The pension establishes an income stream for the member, with a minimum payment requirement each financial year.

Superannuation cannot be accessed until a member has met a condition of release and then certain cashing restrictions may apply. There are several conditions that can be met, and many are linked to major life events. Once a member meets one of these conditions of release, they are entitled to establish a pension and begin withdrawing their funds. These conditions include:

  • Attaining preservation age (Pre-Retirement Pension) A person’s preservation age ranges from 55 to 60, depending on their date of birth.
  • Retirement (after attaining preservation age).
  • Ceasing gainful employment after attaining age 60.
  • Reaching age 65 Permanent incapacity or Death (certain beneficiaries entitled to receive pension on death of member).

Further information can be found on our Pension Fact Sheet.

If you are eligible and wish to commence a pension, please contact your Client Manager or complete the following Pension Establishment Request Form.

  • Tax and member impacts of transactions are reconciled each month which helps you and your adviser manage your Fund’s tax position and make adjustments before year end.
  • We act as Tax Agent and ASIC Agent (optional service) to ensure that compliance obligations are met.
  • We prepare the Financials, Taxation, and Independent Audit for the SMSF annually and update the SMSF transactions monthly.
  • If you or your adviser require assistance, please call your designated Client Manager on 1300 11 98 98.