To establish your SMSF, you must make either an initial contribution into the Fund’s Cash Account or transfer existing assets into the Fund.

Initial Contributions

You can make initial and additional contributions to your Fund by depositing money into the Fund’s Cash Account. We will need a breakdown of the contribution types.

The Cash Account is used to:

  • Collect investment income;
  • Pay Adviser fees, our fees, other costs incurred in the administration of your Fund, and tax;
  • Receive rollovers;
  • Make pension and lump sum benefit payments;
  • Buy assets;
  • Receive the proceeds of sales of assets; and
  • Have any direct debits authorised by the Fund’s Trustees remitted as required, e.g. insurance premiums.


Transferring Existing Assets

Existing assets may be transferred into your Fund. Assets are transferred into the name of the Trustee/s. The asset information you provide will be used in the ongoing administration of your Fund. To ensure this information is reliable, we must be able to obtain details of the assets, including their CGT history, in a form acceptable to us at the time the assets are transferred.