With our simple online application form, transferring your existing SMSF is quick and easy. Contact us for more information if you have any questions before starting.

Online application

You can transfer your existing Fund into the Wealthtrac SMSF service. Start the transfer process:

Transfer an SMSF

Once we have reviewed this information we will advise if there is further information required for us to proceed.

You may contact your adviser to undertake this process for you.

Uploading and reconciling past records

We will upload all your Fund’s transactions from the most recent audited accounts as at the date of transfer.

We will also confirm the CGT history and asset holdings.

Time required to complete this will depend on the number and types of assets, number of transactions, quality of data and completeness of the information provided.

If prior work is incomplete we will provide an estimate of the cost to complete.

With respect to existing pensions there will be further details required, however we will inform you or your adviser of any additional information requirements.