Wealthtrac does not charge any up front implementation fee.

Summary - Best Interest & Minimum FUM

Implementing SMAs can be clearly demonstrated as, in your clients’ best interest: improved returns and lower costs create a superior outcome for clients. Wealthtrac can assist with this transition, we do not charge any up front implementation fee. However you need to consider SMAs as a whole of business solution, we will not invest the significant time required to plan and implement this strategy unless you are committed to transition all clients in your models to SMAs, and we have a minimum FUM objective of $100m.

Your involvement is two fold:

  • Commitment to participate in the planning and implementation process and membership of the Investment Management Team.
  • You and your staff will undertake the transition of clients to the SMAs, this means an SOA for each client, and completion of transfer forms.

Once the initial planning and implementation is complete, you will experience immediate benefits in lower costs and increased revenue, this is a business strategy that needs careful consideration, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have.